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Brazzaville, Congo, Africa
Senior ( plus de 5 ans d'experience)
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11 Jan, 2017

Health and Sanitation Officer

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Health and Sanitation Officer

Numéro de la vacance : AFRO/16/TASR165 
Titre: Health and Sanitation Officer 
Classe : NO-C 
Type de contrat : Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 
Durée : Un (1) an 

Date : 14 décembre 2016 
Date de clôture : 11 janvier 2017 (22 jour(s) jusqu'à la date de clôture) 
Candidatures en cours d'acceptation 
Lieu d'affectation : Brazzaville, Congo 
Unité administrative : AFRO Africa Regional Office (AF/RGO) /
AF/GMC General Management (AF/GMC)

The General Management Cluster is responsible for the provision of efficient and effective support services to the implementation of health programmes and smooth management of the Regional Office. The Health and Sanitation sub-unit ensures the safety and quality of food and water available on-site through regular laboratory monitoring and inspection of the premises and staff canteens.

Description des fonctions
Raw ingredient and finished product compliance:
- Monitor purchasing procedures and quality of raw ingredients to ensure compliance to established food safety protocols;
- Evaluate raw ingredient and finished product to ensure compliance to microbiological specifications.
- Observe on-site food storage, preparation and serving practices and communicate corrective action as required.
- Verify sanitation procedures through pre-operational inspection and microbial swab analysis.
- Perform microbiological analysis of food samples and take appropriate action based on results.
- Conduct regular training on food hygiene for catering staff.
- Perform on the spot checks of catering facilities.
- Ensure that contaminated food is segregated and appropriate follow-up actions are taken.

Water quality:
- Conduct daily microbiological and chemical analysis of source water samples from the wells situated on the compound.
- Carry out quality tests on microbiological and chemical analysis of samples from the accommodations to ensure they conform to international norms.
- Collect quarterly water samples for packaging and shipment to an accredited laboratory for quality assurance purposes.
- Advise on corrective action to be undertaken in case of contamination.
- Closely monitor the WHO water infrastructure (Tank, pump, boreholes) and coordinate with the building maintenance team of the renovation/maintenance activities.
- Carry-out data collection and provision of the HSO services statistics

General Administration
- Manage and evaluate the maintenance and cleaning of the green spaces and gardens.
- Manage and evaluate the permanent maintenance of all premises (Estate offices, stores, workshops, common areas, apartments, and Estate canteens).
- Organize disinsection, de-ratting and de-serpentising operations
- Prepare TDRs and call letters, technical evaluations and purchase orders.
- Support REA for HR planning and implementation in the HSO area.


Formation :
University degree in microbiology, Water and Sanitation, Chemistry or Engineering/Hydrology.

Post graduate degree in Microbiology/Chemistry. 

Compétences : 
Ability to conduct microbiological and chemical analysis of water. Ability to conduct microbiological analysis of food. Ability to carry-out inspection of food premises and advise on corrective actions. Ability to elaborate standard operational procedures for the laboratory and the catering facilities. Strong ability to act.

Other Skills (e.g. IT):
Proficiency in computer skills. 

WHO Competencies:
1) Producing results
2) Moving forward in a changing environment
3) Communicating in a credible and effective way
4) Fostering integration and teamwork
5) Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences.

Expérience :
At least five years of relevant work experience working in a food and Water microbiology laboratory, Water sanitation project, Chemistry Laboratory or Hydraulic Project.

Previous experience working in an enteric microbiology/Chemistry laboratory. 

Langues :
Excellent knowledge of French in all elements.
Good knowledge of English would be an asset. 

Informations supplémentaires
This post is subject to local recruitment and will be filled by persons recruited in the local commuting area of each office.WHO offers an attractive compensation package including an annual net salary (subject to mandatory deductions for pension contributions and health insurance), dependency benefits, pension plan, health insurance scheme, and 30 days annual leave. 

Please visit the following websites for detailed information on working with WHO: http://www.who.int Click on: . to learn more about WHO's operations 
http://icsc.un.org Click on: Quick Links > Salary Scales > by date 


Traitment annuel (Net d'impôts)
fonctionnaire sans personnes à charge


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